Focus on your strengths

You have developed or are developing a great product for your customers. Your customers profit from all your wisdom about the daily challenges in their business. With your value-added services you take good care of your customers.

You are successful because you know what your customers need and want. Your customers are happy, because they know they are in good hands.

You can profit from working with Kloon NOW. A reliable partner creates space for you to work on your ideas and customer service, while relieving you of the technical work. Our development teams in Asia ensure highest quality at reasonable prices.

You focus on your relationship with your customers and finding solutions for them, while having access to software development resources at low costs working in the background.

We support you in maintaining, porting and creating products for your customers.



A chance to start something new

You have a great idea that just needs to be implemented as a great software product (Web, Phone or Desktop)? Your company doesn't have the resources needed right now?

We have a team ready for you on short notice. You can increase your company's size on-demand and at the same time rely on us as a valuable partner in the long term.

We can support you in creating a workable product out of your ideas or based on detailed plans. You profit from our valuable experience based on many successful projects.

Vietnam Software Outsourcing

Vietnam Software Outsourcing is grown to be one of the best alternatives to big outsourcing destinations.

Vietnam Outsourcing with a Swiss partner is ensuring that your rights are fully respected and you can rely on a trustworthy partner. As one of the major foreign players in the Vietnam Software market for international outsourcing, we know the pros and cons of this business.

Software Vietnam is your possibility to take advantage of global advantages for your company.

Our teams both in Europe and for Vietnam Software Outsourcing in Hanoi ensure that we complete your project successfully. Vietnam outsourcing with Kloon has proven to be a model that brings above average results at below average costs. Vietnam software is being recognized today as one of solutions to putting your ideas into working software products. Since 2007, Kloon has proven that Software Vietnam is the new rising star for development.

Some words about us

Headquarter in central Europe
Teams in China and Vietnam

Project support through our European employees
Excellent software developers in Asia

Full life cycle services for software
Advantageous pricing

Long-term partnership

For details, please see our offers and feel free to contact us.