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Our global team provides high quality outsourcing services for our international customers. Our processes are built to fit to your needs and are fully ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our ISO 27001 ensures fully compliance related to data security and data protection. We support you in maintaining existing products, create individual components and build new technology solutions for you.

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Focus on your strength

We work hard to make room for our customers to focus on their core competences. You know your market, your users and their needs, you know how to reach them easily - let us work for you and we provide you with the technical solution to support your growth and ongoing success.

Our commitment for you

Kloon has a proven track record for long-term support of its customers. We have built a strong base for over one decade and provide you with the stability upon which you can base your future.

Cost, benefit, risk

We offer reasonable costs with a strong emphasis on long-term partnership and quality products. Our customers stick with us because we become partner and more often than not friends. Our prices are not the lowest, but they match the quality of our services and are competitive.

Who we are

Swiss Quality and competitive pricing

Founded in 2000 in Switzerland, Kloon is your partner of choice for professional software development projects. With over 60 IT experts for development and software testing, Kloon leading outsourcing company for small and medium sized businesses.

Standing on two feet

Kloon is competitive because it can draw from the expertise of its Swiss roots, while offering lower costs based on its own subsidiary in Vietnam. Since 2007, Kloon is present in Hanoi and provides high quality low cost services tailored to an international customer base. The ISO 9001 certification ensures that the services provided are of high quality and standards.